• Mary MacGill Stone Drop Earrings in Moonstone
  • Mary MacGill Stone Drop Earrings in Moonstone on model view

Stone Drop Earrings in Moonstone


Moonstone drop earrings on hammered gold-filled wire. Each stone is unique and therefore pairs are asymmetrical. Earrings come with plastic backs. The light sister of Labradorite, Moonstone is a Feldspar stone that at first appears white or grey and then flashes bright rainbow or blue. Moonstone is revered in many cultures for its lunar connection and according to Hindu mythology, it is made of solidified moonbeams. The most powerful time to wear Moonstone, also known as the "Psychic Stone," is during the full moon. Moonstone is mainly found in Sri Lanka, India, and Madagascar. Handmade in Germantown, New York & Block Island, Rhode Island without the use of heat or chemicals.

Color: Moonstone

Approximate 44mm drop from the ear.

Sold as a pair.

Mary MacGill is a Hudson Valley, New York and Block Island, Rhode Island - based artist working primarily in gold and semi-precious stones. Focusing on the beauty of hammered imperfections and suspended forms, Mary's work falls in lineage with mentor Kazuko Oshima and sculptor Alexander Calder.

Please note that as per store policy, returns will not be accepted for pierced earrings.


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