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Camila Falquez Sand Figures Print III

Camila Falquez Sand Figures Print III

Print from the series entitled Sand Figures, by photographer Camila Falquez.
About the series "SAND FIGURES":
Shape, color and flesh are studied through the mix of film and paint. This creates a new world for these sand warriors out of their integral context (Dakar, Senegal). Sand, pink and  blue merge with their skin taking us into an abstract and almost deconstructed universe: something incomplete and full at the same time.

About the whole Show "BODY OF WORK":

This selection of work is an essay on the body Camila Falquez has been creating over the years; Its a demonstration of how fascinating every bit and section of the body is. This exhibition has the purpose to glorify the beauty that lays in the body we have been given as an object, as a form that moves in space, grows, evolves and changes. Every shape, color and sex has its uniqueness, hidden forms and essence.

This is a trip to our own home: The body.

New York-based Camila Falquez, originally from Mexico and Barcelona, began as filmmaker eventually transitioning to photography by 2012 when working as editor/photographer of The Sartorialist under Scott Schuman.

Falquez’s unique and established lens focuses on the body as seen through a democratized, international point of view.

Her work has been published in Purple Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, L’Officiel (Germany), Glamour (Spain), L’Officiel (Spain). Additionally, Falquez has collaborated with international brands ranging from fine art to fashion: Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Hermes, and Mango, amongst others.


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