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Fig + Yarrow Atmosphere Mists

Fig + Yarrow

Fig + Yarrow Atmosphere Mists


A selection of vibrant and uplifting atmosphere mists; excellent for balancing and purifying spaces. Each come with pump spray. Made in Colorado. 

Juniper and Sage is a fresh, woody, balsamic blend for mood calming, air purification and energetic clearing of spaces.

Lemongrass is a deliciously bright and uplifting atmosphere enlivener that can be used for freshening linens and deterring insects. 

Rosewood combines dark, moist earth and sweet woods to ground the senses and evoke the primordial.

8 oz. 

Brandy Monique's evocative and all natural apothecary line Fig + Yarrow draws on botanicals and earth elements, bringing vibrant flowers, minerals, oils, leaves and roots together in handcrafted, small batch products for health, beauty and vitality.


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