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Kahina Argan Oil

Kahina Argan Oil


Highest quality argan oil absorbs quickly and easily, imbibing skin with a radiant glow. Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, argan oil is renowned for improving skin tone, minimizing fine lines, soothing irritation and restoring elasticity. Argan oil has also been shown to neutralize free radicals and protect skin from harmful environmental agents. Suitable for use on the face, body and hair. Sourced in Morocco.

Kahina source the highest quality argan nuts from the South of Morocco and work with womens' cooperatives in the region to ensure that the women who do the difficult work of extracting the argan oil receive a fair wage.

3.3 fl oz.

Working closely with the Berber women who for generations have worked to extract the nutrient-rich oil of the native argan nut, Kahina seeks to honor and share the centuries old tradition of Moroccan women using organic argan oil to protect, nourish and enhance their skin and hair.



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