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  • Mary MacGill - 14K Floating Ring in Opal
  • Mary MacGill - 14K Floating Ring in Opal
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14K Floating Ring in Opal

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A ring featuring an Opal floating in a minimal gold wire form that accentuates the natural shape. Derived from the Greek word opalus, which means "changing color," Opal comes in electric shades of blue, orange, and white featuring fiery flashes. While most Mary MacGill Opals come from Australia, some Opals are over 50 million years old, dating back to the Cretaceous period. Today, the kaleidoscope stone is also known as the “eye stone,” as it is believed to spark its wearer's creativity.  

  • 14K gold wire setting
  • Handmade in Germantown, New York & Block Island, Rhode Island without the use of heat or chemicals.

*Opals are extremely soft and porous stones, which means that they absorb moisture. Be careful not to wear opals in any water, during exercise or excessive sweat, or in extremely humid climates as these conditions can result in your stone discoloring, or cracking. 

Mary MacGill is a Hudson Valley, New York, and Block Island, Rhode Island-based artist working primarily in gold and semi-precious stones. Focusing on the beauty of hammered imperfections and suspended forms, Mary's work falls in lineage with mentor Kazuko Oshima and sculptor Alexander Calder.