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  • Tara Turner - 16 inch Infinity Medallion Necklace
  • Tara Turner jewelry group view
  • Tara Turner jewelry group view
  • Tara Turner - 16 inch Infinity Medallion Necklace detail view
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16 inch Infinity Medallion Necklace

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Medallions suspended from an infinity chain in 9ct yellow gold.  


A Good luck Talisman inspired by St. Christopher's ability to protect the child on his back from the dangerous waves of the river that they crossed. These medallions represent protection and good fortune as we make our way through the world.


Mary, Star of the Sea, an ancient title for the Virgin Mary. A protector and guiding star for seafarers, with a promise that we’ll never be lost and that the storms of life will never spell disaster.

  • Chain Length 16 inches
  • Links 11mm x 5mm
  • Round St. Christopher 10mm
  • Frilly Heart St. Christopher 12mm
  • Mini Heart St. Christopher 8mm
  • Mother Mary 13mm

Tara Turner grew up in a colorful artistic family and these early influences have formed their approach to jewelry design. Inspiration is drawn from a vast collection of unique charms and gemstones which have been carefully accumulated over the years, each piece being a sophisticated expression of these often, rare and exceptional finds. From Wild Mississippi Wing Pearls to irregular pieces of Sardinian Coral, the rich fusion provided by these 'objet trouvé, along with a sense of experimentation and style, create unique, hand-crafted pieces of jewelry.