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  • A limited edition box from The Quiet Botanist filled with Chocolate Botanical Bon Bons.
  • A group of limited edition gift boxes with tags, containing The Quiet Botanist's Chocolate Botanical Bon Bons.
  • A limited edition box of Chocolate Botanical Bon Bons filled with botanical inspired Bon Bons from The Quiet Botanist.
  • A limited edition box of Chocolate Botanical Bon Bons, gift wrapped in a white and red ribbon by The Quiet Botanist.
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Chocolate Botanical Bon Bons

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A limited edition box of botanical inspired Bon Bons. Each includes six handmade chocolates. This box is a perfect holiday gift to share or treat yourself.

Cacao shell filled with lightly sweetened organic almond butter with a dose of cordyceps mushrooms and sprinkled with edible wildflowers.

A sweet & tangy blood orange infused caramel enrobed in rich dark chocolate and topped with organic rose petals.

Buttery roasted cashews spun with local honey to create a nut butter that is combined with caramel and even more luscious honey, all encased in rich white chocolate and topped with a sprinkling of bee pollen.

A range of botanical chocolates inspired by the natural world. 

The Quiet Botanist is a design collective and store based in Hudson in Upstate New York. Reminiscent of apothecaries, ateliers, and overgrown gardens of a bygone era. From wild-crafted and dried flowers, they create everlasting products inspired by the Australian countryside and European cottage gardens to be enjoyed throughout the seasons. 

Founded by Rebecca O’Donnell a New York-based Australian Creative Director. The Quiet Botanist was born out of a desire to slow down and listen, to be surrounded by botanicals and beauty.