Sophie Agulla is the French artist behind the ceramic project Clandestine. Based on the coast of Galicia, Spain, Sophie creates clay vases and other functional items such as lamps and kitchenware. Inspired by nature and built by hand as an ode to the elements, Sophie's pieces are revered for their whimsical shapes and organic textures.

We asked Sophie to share a little bit about life in Spain, what inspires her, and a glimpse inside her studio.
How did you fall in love with ceramics as an art form?

I have always been a very [hands-on] kind of person. I first graduated as a knitwear designer, all day long on a knitting machine, making swatches. I had an embroidery project, then started weaving as well, everything always linked to textiles and yarn.

When I went to one of my first classes of building ceramics, I realized there was a whole new world opening, as it wasn't related to a silhouette, clothing, nor accessory.

The more I work with clay, the more infinite it seems to me. I'm more attached to the word explorer than ceramicist. I use clay as a way to shape and express.
Tell us about the inspiration behind your works. How do you come up with the ideas and designs that fuel your creative practices?

I think today in design, as in music or any artistic medium, you twist things, ideas, worlds, you don't invent things. I read once in an article from a local journal that my pieces were like Greek amphoras left on the beach by the ocean. I think it's a poetic description of them. Pieces are really like an ode to nature for me. My very first collection was about the ocean, the water movement, the bloom — about the season changing, and the last one about the elements, sun and moon.
What do you love about living and working in Spain?

The lifestyle of Galicia. A Coruña is surrounded by the sea, on each side. It means sunset from January to December, it also means seafood all year, and local produce is incredible. There is a real Endless Summer here, as we are near the ocean.

Spanish people live outside and together most of the time, and I enjoy this as well. As the city is super small, life is spontaneous.

What I like about working in Spain is that, being French, I authorize myself to ask for help and socialize with other freelancers (florists, other designers), way more than I would in my own country. Maybe going South makes everything more chill and easy.
As an artist, is there a mantra or favorite quote that you live by?

A lot, but my favorite one is “there is no straight line in nature.”
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