Ichi Antiquités, Paris

Yuki and Jumpei, Ichi Antiquités, in Paris

Left image of a collection of Indigo dyed garments and objects. Image on right is a landscape of the French countryside.
Images: Yuki and Jumpei
Translation: Eva Soroken


Is there something you would like to share about Ichi Antiquités that we might not know?
Our focus are fabrics and the concept of clothing wearing beautifully with time. Our pieces get more beautiful as you wear them, better than when first purchased.
Tell us about the neighborhood where you live/work...
Fukuoka, Japan, combination of city and nature. A place to relax and unwind, slow lifestyle.
Image on left is of Jumpei from Ichi Antiquités sitting at the Saint-Sébastien Froissart metro station in Paris. Image on the right is of Ichi Antiquités designer Yuki walking past a doorway in Paris.

“Our pieces get more beautiful as you wear them, better than when first purchased.”  

Image on the left is of the Ichi Antiquités Paris market showroom. Image on right is of folded stacks of brightly colored and patterned linen garments.


What is your sensory experience of where you live/work? A touch, taste, smell, look, and sound...
Office showroom: incense
How do you spend a day in your own company or with friends?
Design, design, design... drink + eat


Image on left is a close-up detail of a yellow and black check linen fabric. Image on right is of a record store interior, taken in Paris.


A daily ritual and/or bedtime routine - what keeps you grounded?

Movies + music. 

Any books you are currently reading/music you are listening to?

Music: George Benson


Image on left is of Ichi Antiquités designer Jumpei sitting on steps looking out at a view of Paris. Image on right is a close-up crop of a white, grey and black linen outfit worn by Yuki.


Do you have a daily creative practice? Drawing, music, dance, cooking, gardening...

Fashion research, checking city vibes.

A sentimental piece of clothing?


A favorite meal you like to cook for your loved ones?

Yaki soba.


Image on the left is of an open restaurant kitchen where chef's prepare Japanese food.  Image on the right is a top down view of a plate of fried dumplings.


 A prized possession from your travels? A ceramic, talisman, beauty product, textile, object, artwork...

Vintage Picasso poster, purchased in Paris.

A recent traveling experience/place/next destination...

Paris, Bali.



Wise words/words to live by, can you share a favorite quote?

"Kezoku ga chikaranari".... continuation is power.



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