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  • Mary MacGill - 14K Floating Studs in Turquoise
  • A woman wearing a handmade Mary MacGill turquoise sweater and a pair of Mary MacGill Floating Studs in Turquoise earrings.
  • Mary MacGill - 14K Floating Studs in Turquoise
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Floating Studs in Turquoise

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Stud earrings featuring Turquoise floating in minimal 14k gold wire forms. Renowned for its brilliant, opaque blue-green hue and protective powers, Turquoise has served as a talisman for warriors, shamans, and kings for centuries. Handmade in Germantown, New York & Block Island, Rhode Island without the use of heat or chemicals. 

Birthstone: December 

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius 

Please note that as per store policy, returns will not be accepted for pierced earrings.

Mary MacGill is a Hudson Valley, New York, and Block Island, Rhode Island-based artist working primarily in gold and semi-precious stones. Focusing on the beauty of hammered imperfections and suspended forms, Mary's work falls in lineage with mentor Kazuko Oshima and sculptor Alexander Calder.