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  • Alexis Smart - Flower Remedies - Unburden
  • Alexis Smart - Flower Remedies
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Flower Remedies - Unburden

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stress relief 


  • overwhelmed by responsibility
  • you are a caregiver
  • “it’s all on my shoulders"
  • stress
  • physical tension
  • exhausted
  • periodic angry outbursts
  • at the end of your rope


  • weight is lifted
  • sense of relief
  • relaxed in body/mind
  • deeply rejuvenating 
  • lightness in the face of adversity


4 drops, 4 times a day under the tongue.
1 bottle is a 1 month supply if taken as directed.
*May be taken more frequently as needed. 


Pick the flower remedy that most relates to your feelings and emotional state overall, at the moment. If some of the symptoms listed do not pertain to you, the formula will still be effective in treating the symptoms you do have. An inappropriate remedy will not hurt or cause an adverse reaction.   

A flower remedy practitioner for over fourteen years, Alexis Smart was inspired to create a line of custom formulas while treating people one on one and seeing them heal from issues they thought were impossible to overcome. All formulas are based on the original 38 flower essences of Dr. Edward Bach, the pioneer who was the first to discover the healing power of flower essences and put them into practice. Made by hand with the highest quality ingredients, the flower essences are organic, biodynamic and wild-harvested in Britain.