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  • A hand-made ceramic vase with a ruffled design holding dried plants, accompanied by a Clandestine Amphora Soleil vase in Raw Sunny Brown Clay with a bulbous body in the background.
  • Hand-made sculptural ceramic Amphora Soleil vase with undulating rim detailing against a white backdrop by Clandestine.
  • Three decorative Amphora Soleil vases with spherical accents and handles, one holding dried flowers, on a white background. The vases are from Clandestine.
  • Two ceramic objects with unique shapes, one resembling an Amphora Soleil vase in Raw Sunny Brown Clay and the other a lamp, displayed against a white background by Clandestine.
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Amphora Soleil in Raw Sunny Brown Clay

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A one-of-a-kind Amphora vase with an oval base and wave-shaped handles in sunny brown clay. Features a raw exterior surface and is unglazed. Softly glazed interior.

  • Dimensions: Length 21cm x Width 23cm* (including handles)

*All pieces are hand-made and unique, so measurements are approximate. 

In Galicia, near the ocean, Clandestine’s families are designed and realized by hand. Pieces are minerals, raw and softly esmalted.