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  • A handmade ceramic Amphora Peony Vase wall, Clandestine brand.
  • A Clandestine Amphora Peony Vase with flowers in it.
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Amphora Peony Vase

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A tall amphora vase with a round base in a light natural clay. Features four wavy handles, with a wavy top and a drop glaze inside and out. 

  • Approximate measurements: 9.4” L x 8.6” W 

All pieces are hand-made and unique, so measurements are approximate.  In Galicia, near the ocean, Clandestine’s families are designed and realized by hand. Pieces are minerals, raw and softly esmalted.  

We will reach out to the customer for packages that weigh more than 10 pounds or contain large items, such as furniture, ceramics, and artwork, which require special handling. During this contact, we will provide a shipping quote and discuss the customer's preferred shipment method.