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  • A Double Feather Hand Embroidered Pillow in Greys & Lilac by Kissweh, with squares on it, hand-embroidered by an artisan.
  • An artisan Double Feather Hand Embroidered Pillow in Greys & Lilac by Kissweh with a purple, yellow and grey pattern.
  • Two Kissweh Double Feather Hand Embroidered Pillows in Greys & Lilac with geometric hand embroidery designs.
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Double Feather Hand Embroidered Pillow in Greys & Lilac

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A pillow featuring geometric hand embroidery in cotton thread. Each pillow usually takes over 2-3 weeks for the artisan to create, and is one of a kind combining colors differently within the needlework motif. 

  • Color: Greys & Lilac
  • Measures approximately: 21" L x 11" W
  • Back is made from Libeco Belgian linen
  • Zipper closure for easy removal and cleaning
  • 100% down-feather insert is included
  • Made in the US

Kissweh is an embroidery studio based in Los Angeles and Lebanon. In her past work with the United Nations in its humanitarian operations, Kissweh founder Claudia Martinez Mansell lived for extended periods in Kosovo, Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian Territories, Sudan and Yemen. After making a new home in Los Angeles, Claudia was inspired by LA’s creative energy and started Kissweh under the influence of the rich folk art of traditional Palestinian needlework motifs. The brand works with craftswomen living in the refugee camps of Lebanon, giving them the opportunity to earn a fair living from their artisan skills.